Recycled doormat Sustainability

Sustainability and environmental best practice is at the heart of Atlantic Mats. When we developed Ocean Mats recycled sustainable doormats, we did so with some core Eco goals in mind; to reduce waste, to minimise our carbon footprint and to protect our limited resources and environment.

These 3 pillars;  reduce, minimise, and protect run throughout our business:

Reducing waste

  • Our doormats are the size they are to reduce the amount of wastage and make maximum use of the material.
  • Ocean Mats are made in the UK at a factory with a Zero to landfill policy.
  • We developed our doormats to be long-lasting, reducing the amount of consumer goods going to landfill.
  • From May 2024 we are introducing a 'Made to be Remade' scheme into our Ocean Mat range. Our mats made from recycled PET (waste plastic bottles), can be recycled and made into new products. Contact us at if you wish to return an Ocean Mat for recycling. 

Minimising our carbon footprint

  • Ocean Mats sustainable recycled doormats are made in the UK at a factory using renewable energy.
  • We recommend washing your sustainable recycled doormat at 30°C and as they are naturally quick drying, there’s less energy required to launder your mat.
  • Consuming less - We developed Ocean Mats to be long-lasting and we guarantee them for 5 years.

Protecting our resources and environment

  • The Ocean Mat sustainable recycled doormat range is made from recycled materials diverted from landfill. 
  • We donate a percentage of our sales to Healthy Seas. This international organisation works to clean the oceans and seas of marine littler such as ghost fishing nets saving the needless death of marine animals.
  • We keep packaging to a minimum and choose recycled options and carbon neutral options such as mailing bags made from sugar cane.