Why Us

When we launched Ocean Mats alongside our established Cotswoldrope  handmade rope basket and outdoor mat business, we did so after identifying a need for a British made eco friendly, sustainable recycled doormat product that doesn't require tumble drying, is long-lasting and can be washed at 30 degrees. There are of course many mats available from a variety of sources. Not all are made in the UK though. Our recycled, washable doormats mats are made by the UK's leading doormat manufacturer. There are others who will import product but we believe in keeping everything we do within the UK.

We do not use cotton, even recycled cotton, as this uses bleaches and gallons of water to make it a viable product. Around 20,000 litres of water is required to produce a single cotton T-shirt!  Society and the industry is moving away such unsustainable materials.

We are UK owned and based. We do not answer to overseas owners or investors. We aim to be one of the very best employers to work for and we operate a strict 'family first' policy. For instance; we pay our staff for five days a week but only ask them to work four and a half. Friday lunchtime is time to go home and enjoy some family time.  Plus, we give our employee's a day off on their birthday. 

Our staff are highly valued and respected. They are listened to and consulted. After all, they are one of the company's most valued assets. 

When you buy from us you do so safe in the knowledge that your are supporting the Healthyseas organisation tackling ocean waste, contributing to the UK economy, helping keep someone employed in a happy and healthy environment. You are also buying one of the most eco-friendly, sustainable recycled doormats available.